Martin Folse – Responsibilities of a Producer

Historically, the primary role of a producer in television was to direct the various aspects in film production. However, that role has changed, and it is the line producer who is in charge of directing all aspects of video production. Producers are either employed by production companies, or work independently, coordinating the different aspects of film production, such as coordinating writing, editing, directing, and arranging the financing. The producer handles shaping the project from start to finish.

Martin Folse
Martin Folse

Organizing Staff

It is the producer’s job to look for and hire a director, a casting director, and other staff for the project. He has to get the cast and crew in place and delegate responsibility to the heads of each department. The producer at times will need to make crucial decisions that could mean overriding the decisions others staff have made. It is the job of the producer to organize the team.

Financial Matters

The producer is also responsible for creating the film or television program within the set budget. He has to determine how much the production will cost, and should secure financing to see the project through completion. Once he has secured the funding for the project, he has to ensure that every department works within their budget. If a department overshoots its budget and requires more financing, the producer has to find additional funding or have the department reel in costs.

Other Duties

The producer is responsible for organizing the rehearsal and filming schedule. Multitasking and proper communication skills are two every producer needs. He is also responsible for communicating with all the key players in the production, and troubleshooting any issues that might arise during the production.

Martin Folse is a professional producer with several years’ experience in the media industry.